Casinos online in Canada

Casinos without a  license are online gambling clubs that do not have a gaming license obtained in Canada, but are accessible to Canada players. Using the services of such casinos involves some risks, but a number of users prefer them. What is this connected with, what advantages can new casino sites with other licenses give us, and how to choose a good reliable institution?

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Casino features without a license

On January 1, 2019, the Canada casino market underwent changes, and most institutions were required to obtain a license. However, there are a number of gambling clubs that have not applied for a license. A number of casinos are not licensed, but work with Canada players and offer very attractive conditions. Casinos with Canada license 2021 are great opportunities for an interesting and profitable game.

Playing a casino that does not have a Canada license is not illegal, however, there are some problems. Such institutions do not operate under the Canada Gambling Act, and regulatory authorities may block their IP addresses, which can cause page freezing and transaction blocking.

Can casinos work without a Canada license? Yes, but not always. IP addresses can be blocked, which basically means that this casino is at the stage of filing an application with the Inspectorate for Gambling, so that as a result the Canada license will be obtained. There are also a number of casinos that do not allow the registration of Canada players living in Canada. However, Swedes located in other countries can usually play casinos without a Canada license trustingly without problems.

Despite the fact that theoretically in some casinos Canada  players can play without a license, there are a number of questions regarding the rules.



The disadvantages of a casino without a Canada license are tax evasion, and this issue is still debatable. Licensed gaming clubs in Canada pay a tax of 18% on all their income. As for casinos without a Canada license, they don’t pay taxes in favor of Canada, because if you get a win, generally the rules will not apply. Just as if you were playing in foreign clubs before January 1, 2019

Gaming companies without a license in Canada do not pay tax in favor of the Canada state, and if you play and win in such a casino, the same rules do not apply. Just as if you were playing in foreign gaming companies before January 1, you must declare your winnings if you play in an online casino without a Canada gaming license. With the tax rate, everything is not so clear. But in fact, a lot depends not only on the availability of a license, but on the chosen casino, as well as the size of the winnings. In the case of licensed casinos, everything is simpler and more understandable, which is why many clubs seek to get them in order to make conditions more attractive for players from Canada.

Is it worth paying taxes?

At the same time, the tax authorities say that there is a way to play in a casino that does not have a license without paying tax on its winnings. Whether a user must pay tax on his winnings is determined by the following factors:

  1. The casino does not have a Canada license. In certain cases, tax should be paid if a Canada license is not available. But you can avoid paying it if you combine this factor with the two presented below. It plays a role that the casino is not designed for Canada players, has a license of another state, whose citizens are the target audience.
  2. The casino is not designed for Canada players. The fact that a legal casino without a Canada license is not designed for users from a given country can be extremely difficult to determine. In view of this, in some cases it is better to use a casino that has a Canada license. Please note that casinos that do not have a license should not advertise on Canada television, radio or in public places. How to understand if the casino is aimed at Canada players? The most obvious sign is the use of the Canada language on the official website. Also pay attention to whether there is a Canada flag somewhere on the site, and whether the Canada currency is included in the list of eligible for depositing and withdrawing funds.
  3. The casino is licensed in another EEA country. The above factors will not matter if the casino does not have a current license from another country in the European Economic Area. It may be a License of Malta, Gibraltar and so on. If the license was obtained outside the EEA, profits will be taxed.

When these three factors are combined, the Canada  tax agency should exempt you from paying VAT. If there are disputes, the player can use the services of a tax attorney.

What are the casino licenses?

The Canada casino license is fairly new compared to many others. The following licenses are the most popular:


  1. Curacao eGaming License. Curacao is not only an island with amazingly beautiful beaches, but also one of the oldest casino licenses in the world, which is used by many world operators. Curacao eGaming grants licenses for all types of online games, which compares favorably with Canada management. In Canada, different licenses are required for bets and lotteries. Most casinos without Canada licenses have just the Curacao License. This means that there are no rules for welcome bonuses, but the game will be fair and safe. If you win, you will need to pay 30% of the income tax, which is included in the annual declaration.
  2. Canada Gambling Commission (CanadaGC) License. The CanadaGC Canadian license is also very popular and is mainly aimed at casinos offering their services to users from England and other parts of the Canada. If you win, you will need to pay 18% of it in favor of the Canada. In Canada, the tax is not paid. Only a few casinos have a Canadian license.
  3. Malta Game Management License (MGA). The Maltese license is one of the most reliable and secure. Its advantage is that it is European, which means that profits for European residents are not taxed.
  4. Licenses of the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. These islands issue their own licenses, which can compete with others. Basically, companies with these licenses are not designed for Canada, but for other European countries, as well as for Asia and South America.

As for Canada, it has a similar licensing system to Canada. The fact that Canada started regulating the gambling market very late did not come as a surprise to the gambling industry. The fact that legislative decisions are made here long and slow is known to the whole world, and this applies not only to the casino industry.

Legislative regulation of gambling appeared in Canada earlier, and you can see that Canada has set an example from its southern neighbor. In Denmark, NemID is used, which is the local BankID counterpart used in Canada to pay for online purchases and declaration of income. Using BankID is another example that Canada has taken from Denmark to control financial transactions. This has made life easier for both the players and the casinos themselves, which prohibit users under the age of majority from registering and using their services. Many foreign online clubs do not support this technology, which is a minus and increases the terms of payments. To avoid possible difficulties, choose a casino without a Canada license with a bank identifier. Today there are more and more of them.

Is there a casino without a license at all?

You can find good casinos without a license in Canada, but not without a license at all. The fact is that the world’s leading manufacturers of online slots do not cooperate with companies without licenses. To be able to use slots, casinos must be licensed, and they mostly get it in Malta or Curacao.

It is highly recommended not to cooperate with a casino that does not have a gaming license. The games presented in their catalogs are not regulated externally, which in no way protects against falsification. It is better to choose an official casino licensed in Canada or any other country. It can be a online casino without a Canada license, a gambling club registered in any country, or a domestic club. But the presence of a license is in any case an important sign of honesty and reliability of a gaming club.

Advantages and disadvantages of a casino without a Canada license


The casino has its pros and cons both with a Canada license and without it. Licensed casinos have these advantages:

  • Ability to use BankID to verify your account.
  • Thanks to BankID, a licensed casino in Canada also makes it possible to withdraw money through a bank in just a few minutes.
  • If you have problems with gambling, the player can block their profiles in all licensed casinos.
  • High security.
  • A tax of 18% payable to the Canada  Treasury.

However, there are a number of other factors that are considered negative, and due to which many players can choose a casino without a Canada list of licenses:

  • A small number of bonuses. Usually a player receives only one welcome promotion.
  • Limited slot speed.
  • Lack of contests, promotions, tournaments, lotteries, free spins.

And here are the advantages typical of a casino without a Canada license:

  • Generous bonus policies and a large number of different bonuses.
  • A large number of games from various providers.
  • No restrictions on free spins, promotions, loyalty programs, and so on. It is thanks to the additional privileges that many users choose to play casinos without a Canada  license, which are much more generous in this regard.

At the same time, unlicensed casinos – 2021 have the following disadvantages:

  • Inability to use BankID.
  • Such casinos are not included in the Game Break registry.
  • If you want to block the world of gambling for yourself, you will need to do this on each site separately.
  • A small selection of payment methods, as many Canada payment methods do not work without licenses.
  • Longer withdrawal times.

Everyone decides for himself which casino to choose. If you plan to use the site without a Canada license, you should consider the following points:

  1. The license that the casino has. This is mainly licensed by Malta, CanadaGC and the Isle of Man in Europe. There are also sites licensed in Curacao. In this case, it is the Maltese license that is preferred. This is due to the fact that profits in the EU are not taxed, and security requirements are higher. Therefore, if possible, choose a casino with a license obtained in Malta.
  2. Will you get bonuses. In accordance with Canada law, players from Canada cannot receive a bonus at a foreign casino. However, there are exceptions. Before you make a deposit, check if you are available with any incentives.
  3. The presence of games with live dealers. Many foreign casinos do not have sections with live games. If you like roulette and blackjack, then check if they are in the club of interest.
  4. Game Security at the bottom of the official casino website, as a rule, you can find information on whether the game is controlled by a third-party organization. There are a number of rules and laws that must be followed and which guarantee fair play.

Some disadvantages of a casino with a foreign license for the Swedes are irrelevant with the right choice of institution. Many sites without a Canada license make it possible to use the popular payment systems in Canada and BankID, due to which all payment systems are simplified to the maximum.

As a plus, casinos with foreign licenses include a wide selection of slots. Despite the fact that many Canada manufacturers may not be in the catalogs, the assortment is quite wide and often includes more than one thousand machines. For your convenience, gambling is divided into categories. They may differ depending on the particular casino, but the following sections most often stand out:

  1. Slots in such sections you can find both classic slot machines, which are not popular for many, and the latest developers news. The devices differ in subject and plot, and each player can choose what he likes.
  2. 3D slots. These are the latest developments with amazing graphics, thanks to which the game finds a special atmosphere.
  3. Progressive jackpot machines. In such slots you can hit a big jackpot and get a really big win.
  4. Board games. These sections present the types of roulette, poker and other card games.
  5. Games with live dealers. Favorite category of many. The presence of a real dealer and the ability to communicate with other players allows you to experience the atmosphere of a real casino.

Most casinos give you the opportunity to try out slots in demo mode for free. An exception is live-games where you can play exclusively for real money.

Risks and bonuses in a casino without a license

Risks and bonuses

There are certain risks that need to be considered if you plan to play in a foreign casino. First of all, it is important to choose a casino that really has a current license. Also note that everything is individual, and the guarantees of a safe game depend on your right choice.

Supervisory authorities in Canada monitor the gaming market. And if they think that a particular site is breaking the rules, they can intervene. The same is true for other countries. So, in terms of security, Malta can be considered equal to Canada, but if we talk specifically about control over gambling establishments, but Canada will be the first.

The same factor, on the other hand, can have negative consequences for those who use online casinos, since the products themselves can change subject to the established rules. So, the game process in Canada is longer than abroad, and the number of available bonuses is significantly less.

If you do not want to expose yourself to serious risks, do not use casinos that operate outside Canada and do not have a license at all. This suggests that the site is not controlled by anyone. No one guarantees the safety of the game and the honesty of payments. It is possible that after you replenish the account, your money will simply go nowhere. In addition, if certain disputes arise between you and the operator, you will not be able to get help from the authorities.

An important difference between a casino with a Canada license and unlicensed portals is that gaming offers can vary significantly. For example, NetEnt games are very popular in Canada, but in casinos that have received a license in other countries, you can meet them extremely rarely. But today the possibilities are expanding, and casinos from Netent casinos without a Canada license are also included in their catalogs.

After the new law on gambling came into force, new rules for players appeared. So, a casino can offer a bonus to new users, but for players who are already clients of a gambling club, this offer will not apply.

Another rule that applies to all casinos in Canada is that they should give the player the opportunity to stop the game at all gambling establishments for a while through a special lock register. You can turn off the game in a month, three or six months, and also until subsequent notice. The last function is valid for at least a year. After 12 months, the suspension may be canceled. If we talk about casinos with other licenses, then there is no possibility to immediately block all resources – the player will have to do this with each casino separately.

One of the advantages of a casino without a Canada  license is a large number of promotions, bonuses and special offers. Below will be considered the privileges that each user can receive.

  1. Free spins. As a rule, they are given in a certain amount and for specific slots – those that are most popular among players. There are also free spins that can be obtained directly during the game and when winning in bonus rounds.
  2. Deposit Bonuses. Foreign casinos have a minimum of restrictions and requirements for bonuses, deposits and bets, so the number of bonus offers can be any. Most often, deposit bonuses are used, but in some programs you can also get net cash bonuses that do not require replenishment of the account and do not have requirements for wagering. An example of a deposit bonus: for example, you replenished your account with 500 SEK and get another 1,500 SEK for this, which can be used for the game. In this case, the bonus is 200% (up to 1000 kroons). As for casinos with a Canada  license, they, as already mentioned, can offer only one bonus, so the game will not be so interesting and profitable.


There are other casino bonuses without a Canada license. So, bonuses can be awarded on specific days of the week or on holidays. Often players are offered extra gifts on their birthdays. Casinos can also hold tournaments and competitions between players. Moreover, the prizes in them can be very good: money, gadgets, expensive travel, and so on.

Almost every casino with a foreign license has a loyalty program and a so-called VIP club. They have many similarities, but are different. VIP clubs are designed for large players, and often very valuable prizes are drawn among them. It must be borne in mind that the losses of such participants can be very large, the victory is not always such.

Classic loyalty programs usually allow you to get deposit bonuses with loyal requirements for rates, so they are very profitable. The higher the player’s activity, the higher the level to which he can claim.

Another interesting offer for players is tournaments. Classic tournaments are popular in various countries. Previously, they were often held in Canada, but today they are banned.

The principle of tournaments is this: when playing slot machines, you get a certain amount of points based on the size of your bets. Then the points of the players are compared with each other in real time, and the winner is the one who collected the largest number of them. The prize is usually given in cash.

Many foreign online casinos have a cashback. In accordance with it, the player accrues a certain percentage of the lost funds. Such an extensive policy is beneficial for both the players and the casinos themselves. For users, the game becomes more profitable and enjoyable. Welcome bonuses give you the opportunity to start a full-fledged game for money with a minimum deposit. And, increasing his level in the loyalty program, the player can receive additional privileges and improved conditions.

What are the benefits of numerous bonus offers for the casinos themselves? It’s simple: in this way they expand the audience. Welcome bonuses and bonuses for first deposits allow you to attract new players, and rewards for existing customers allow you to keep them and stimulate them to continue playing.

Casino payment methods

Payment methods

Another important difference is the payment methods. To use payment methods accepted in Canada, such as Swish, you need to use a casino with a Canada license. BankID also works only with them. If you chose a casino without a Canada license, you will have to make a deposit in another way. For example, e-wallets can be used. But for Canada players who prefer to use traditional methods, this factor can be an obstacle. As for the currencies that can be used for the game, here users should not have difficulties. Most popular online casinos with licenses from other countries are oriented to the international market and offer a large selection of currency units with which you can work.

Another advantage that many online casinos offer is the possibility of a free game. The so-called demo mode allows you to play without depositing funds and even without registration. The currency is virtual coins, the stock of which is replenished upon loss. Demo mode is a great opportunity for novice players to master the tactics of slots.

Best casinos without a Canada license: an overview

Many online casinos with licenses from other countries may be available to residents of Canada. It is important to choose a good and reliable institution. The best sites where you can play casino without a Canada  license are presented in the table.

As you can see, many casinos without a Canada license offer decent conditions. Particular attention should be paid to those that allow you to avoid paying profit in a casino without a license and make it possible to use BankID. An additional plus may be the presence of generous bonuses. Consider online casinos without a Canada license, presented in the table in more detail.

1.Cookie Casino

Cookie Casino

Maltese licensed casino owned by N1 Interactive Ltd, a multi-gaming site management company. Thanks to BankID support, Canada citizens will not have problems with financial issues. The catalog contains more than two thousand unique games, among which everyone will find what he likes. You can play from any device. The official site of the casino is stylish and modern, its symbol is sweet cookies. This is a reliable casino without a Canada license, which will give you a lot of fun and good opportunities for real winnings.

Benefits of Cookie Casino:

  • lack of income tax;
  • a large catalog of games;
  • direct bank transfers.


  • NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Play´N Go games are not available;
  • no bonuses.

2.Crazy Fox Casino

CrazyFox Casino

Crazyfox is also the brainchild of N1 Interactive Ltd with a Maltese license. Here, users can also have access to direct bank transfers through BankID. The casino offers a large selection of popular slots, progressive jackpots and the complete absence of taxes on your winnings. Since the casino operates with a Malta license and is not oriented to Canada, there are some restrictions. However, Canada players still have the opportunity to register and select slots that they like. All machines have an interesting plot, thoughtful development and the presence of unique functions. Thanks to BankID, users can receive payments instantly, and at the same time safely, as the casino cooperates with many large banks in Canada. This casino without a Canada license with a trustee guarantees an honest, reliable and at the same time interesting game.


  • large selection of slots;
  • games with progressive jackpots.


  • lack of bonuses;
  • lack of games with live dealers;
  • there are no games in the catalog from NetEnt and other Canada manufacturers.


Casino Buck is also a project of N1 Interactive Limited. It should be noted stylish and modern design of the site. Thanks to SSL encryption, you can count on a high level of security even outside the Canada market. Most of the slots in online casinos without a Canada license are represented by developers such as ELK, Quickspin and Betsoft, as well as several smaller studios. The casino offers a wide selection of jackpot and board games, as well as 24-hour service for users.

You can use direct bank transfers, Skrill and Neteller wallets, VISA and Mastercard payment systems.


  • a large selection of slots from leading developers;
  • lack of income tax;
  • direct bank transfers with BankID.


  • lack of bonuses;
  • slot lock from Canada manufacturers;
  • live casino does not work;
  • there are limits on the withdrawal of money.


Spinia Casino provides the ability to use direct bank transfers and offers many popular slot machines. The casino does not have a Canada license, but you do not have to pay income tax, which makes it a good choice for Swedes who want to expand the geography of games. The site is characterized by flexible payment methods, a lot of games with jackpots, nice design, operational support service. Malta Gaming Authority license guarantees fairness and safety of the game.


  • stylish design and convenience of the official site;
  • direct bank transfers;
  • a large number of games with jackpots;
  • A wide range of games from popular developers.


  • there is no Canada license;
  • all bonuses and promotional offers do not apply to players from Canada;
  • You can play only in euros.

5.Euslot CasinoEuslot Casino

A casino with a Maltese license that targets Europe but not Canada. Nevertheless, the Swedes still have the opportunity to register. The casino offers many slots for every taste provided by popular manufacturers. The official site has a nice bright design. You can get help desk support at any time via online chat, phone or email. It is possible to identify through BankID, responsibly, you can instantly replenish your account and withdraw money. The catalog presents both classic slots, the latest developments of the gaming industry.


  • the possibility of direct bank transfers;
  • a variety of slot machines;
  • no tax on winnings.


  • the casino is not oriented to Swedes;
  • no bonuses;
  • no games from Play´N Go & NetEnt.

6.Bob CasinoBobCasino

Bob Casino is a casino with proxies without a Canada license, which offers a large number of slots from popular world manufacturers. There are three subsidiary casinos. The catalog contains more than two thousand games from both popular manufacturers and promising newcomers to the gaming world. For players from Canada, an additional advantage will be the ability to use direct bank transfers with identification through BankID.


  • a huge range of games;
  • direct bank transfer due to the fact that it is a casino without a Canada BankID license;
  • convenient and thoughtful site.


  • lack of a Canada license;
  • inaccessibility for Canada players bonuses, promotions and special offers.

7.N1 CasinoN1 Casino

This popular European casino is oriented towards the European market, and a Canada player can also access it. Here you will find a large number of games from leading developers and many available payment methods. The catalog contains games with jackpots, live games, video poker, various board games.

The casino site is modern, convenient and secure. You can manage money transactions through direct bank transfers together with BankID.


  • direct bank transfers;
  • a huge catalog of games;
  • no tax on winnings.


No bonuses

  • lack of bonuses;
  • lack of games Play´N Go & NetEnt;
  • limits on deposit and withdrawal of funds.


A new casino without a Canada license from Curacao, offering users a welcome bonus, the opportunity to participate in a VIP club and play slots from leading developers. A wide selection of currencies is available, including cryptocurrencies. There is a direct bank transfer and a number of other popular payment methods.


  • availability of slots with progressive jackpots;
  • games from Play´n GO;
  • availability of bonuses and VIP club.


  • lack of NetEnt games;
  • limits on financial transactions;
  • tax of 30%.

9.Casoo Casinocasoocasino

New gambling club licensed by Curacao. The casino does not have a Canada license, but it is oriented also towards the Swedes. The site offers a generous welcome bonus and regular promotions, as well as tournaments and the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program. In the catalog you will find games from leading manufacturers and little-known developers. The choice of slots is very large, and everyone can find what he likes.


  • a wide range of slots from leading developers;
  • the casino was recently launched (2019) and is actively developing;
  • The official website is convenient, stylish and modern.


  • have to pay 30% tax;
  • lack of jackpot games;
  • lack of NetEnt slots.

10.Slot Wolf Casinoslotwolf

Maltese licensed casino targeted at the European market. Despite the fact that the slots are not designed specifically for the Swedes, they can also access them. In total, the catalog includes more than four thousand games. There are slots with progressive jackpots, as well as games with live dealers.

The casino site is new and modern. It makes it possible to use your BankID. Customer support service quickly helps to resolve all issues.


  • a new institution;
  • direct bank transfers with BankID;
  • a huge diverse catalog;
  • lack of income tax.


  • lack of bonuses;
  • limits on deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • lack of games from Play´N Go & NetEnt.

11.Mason Slots Casinomasonslots casino

Casino with a Maltese license, which is very popular in Canada. Here you can find a large catalog of slots, including standard slot machines, jackpot games, board games. Progressive jackpots can be very big and, perhaps, luck will smile just for you. The casino reliably protects the payment data of users. You can use direct bank transfers through BankID, as well as VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and Zimpler. The casino Zimpler without Canada license allows for timely and reliable payment.


  • slots from Push Gaming, Yggdrasil and Quickspin;
  • lack of income tax;
  • A large number of progressive jackpot machines.


  • lack of bonuses for players from Canada;
  • lack of live games;
  • no games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Play´N Go;
  • limits on withdrawal of funds.

12.22 Bet22Bet

22 Bet is not just a casino. Sports bets are also available here, having a lot of fans. When registering, you get access to a large number of slots, as well as the opportunity to bet on popular sports and receive bonuses. You can also take part in regular tournaments, accessible by both a slot lover and those who prefer to bet. A large number of payment methods are presented, including even cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum. In total, 150 methods are presented, which gives players the opportunity to choose.


  • attractive design;
  • a variety of slots from leading manufacturers;
  • the ability to not only play slot machines, but also to bet;
  • A large number of payment systems and available currencies.


  • lack of a Canada license;
  • availability of high turnover requirements.

13.Betamo CasinoBetamo Casino

Betamo Casino has a Malta registration, which ensures there is no tax on winnings and instant payments through direct bank transfers. The casino has been operating since 2019 and offers many slot machines, including progressive jackpot slots and games with live dealers. A large number of payment methods are presented, there is access to BankID. This is a clear advantage for Canada players. In addition, it is possible to play for free in a demo mode.


  • a wide variety of slots;
  • the presence of a demo mode;
  • the ability to use direct bank transfer and Zimpler.


  • lack of a Canada license;
  • no slots from NetEnt and Play N Go;
  • Bonus programs are not available for Canada players.


Casinomia is a casino with a license from Curacao, offering individual bonuses, quick and easy registration, VIP club, tournaments, loyalty program. There is a wide selection of deposit methods.


  • extensive bonus policy;
  • large catalog of slots;
  • games from Play´N GO;
  • A good selection of live games.


  • inaccessibility of games from NetEnt;
  • increased turnover requirements;
  • availability of tax 30%.

15.King Billy CasinoKing-Billy Casino

This foreign casino without a Canada license has been operating since 2017 and offers players many games. I’m happy with the large selection of available currencies, you can even use cryptocurrencies. On the site you will find many new slots, jackpot machines, games with live dealers. You can simplify the registration process by logging in through social networks.


  • a large selection of games and developers;
  • the ability to use cryptocurrency;
  • convenient filter for finding slots;
  • It is planned to obtain a Maltese license and the possibility of using BankID.


  • 30% tax;
  • content is available only in English;
  • bonuses are not available for Swedes;
  • lack of games from some developers.

Features of the gambling business in Сanada

Canada is a country where gambling is legalized and designed not only to meet the needs of gambling enthusiasts, but also to benefit the state. The attitude to gambling in the country was constantly changing: either the authorities allowed gambling, or they forbade them again. Today, casinos, both online and offline, are allowed here. However, there are a number of restrictions due to which many players are looking for casinos without a Canada license.

In Canada, the gambling industry is not so simple. On the one hand, both online casinos and ground clubs, which can be found in cities such as Stockholm, Malmo, Kiruna, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, etc., legally work here. On the other hand, this industry is monopolized, and all forms of gambling are controlled by a single national operator – Svenska Spel. Since 1999, when casinos were legalized, many operators wanted to get a Canada license. But first, only Svenska Spel received it. Today, this company occupies more than half of the entire gambling market and is controlled by state bodies.


For nearly twenty years, the state-owned Cosmopol company has remained a monopolist and offers gambling services to both Swedes and guests of the country. But the popularity of foreign casinos cannot be denied. Attempts to block casinos with foreign licenses and eliminate them from the market have not been successful.

Recently, online casinos are gaining more and more popularity. As in most other European countries, Canada has a very developed security and information technology, and all offers in the online gambling industry are controlled by the operator.

To start playing on the Canada website, the user must register and enter their personal data, including account number. Also a prerequisite is an indication of the amount that the user is willing to spend on gambling for a week. These points make it possible to select suitable offers for each user and prepare reports on the basis of which the operator will pay taxes to the state treasury. It is precisely such control that ensures monopolization of the market and helps to prevent tax evasion and other frauds.

But restricting access for Canada citizens to foreign online casinos is impossible. Since gambling is legal in the country, European casinos cannot be banned. Representatives of the gambling business with a Maltese or Canadian license occupy about 47% of the market.

One of the tasks that the government entrusts itself with restricting the gambling business is the fight against gambling. The main measure of this is the ability to take a break for the game. In this case, user profiles in all casinos are blocked for a certain period chosen by them. In unlicensed casinos there is no break for games. Also, choosing a Canada casino, you can’t count on a large number of bonuses. According to the authorities, they contribute to the fact that a large number of citizens becomes dependent on gambling.

Answers to frequently asked questions

I play in a casino that is not Canada. How to find out if he has a Canada license?
Before the Canada Gambling Act came into force, I won a certain amount in an online casino that does not have a Canada license. Are my winnings taxable?
Is it legal to play in a casino that does not have a Canada license?
Will foreign companies try to get Canada gaming licenses?
Why can Canada gambling clubs no longer distribute bonuses?

How to choose a reliable casino without a license?

First of all, immediately discard casino options that do not have any license at all. Contacting them is a serious risk. No one guarantees you payments, the security of finances and personal data – all this is ensured by the presence of a license. To choose a good casino without a license, study the conditions of cooperation with the institution of interest: whether the winnings are taxed, what payment systems are supported, what assortment of slots. Also consider the country in which the license was issued – this may affect what tax you will need to pay from the winnings.

Please note that despite the fact that canadian players have a chance to play in a casino without a local license, sometimes IPs can be blocked. In the vast majority of cases, this means that the casino is currently undergoing the process of obtaining a  license. If this is the reason, you just have to wait until the casino starts working.


In general, using a casino without a Canadian license has both pros and cons for players. They make it possible to count on generous bonuses and other privileges. But keep in mind that the absence of the need to pay income tax depends on a number of factors.

If you decide to play in a foreign casino, be sure to check if it has a valid license and analyze whether it is really capable of ensuring the integrity and security of the game. It is definitely not necessary to trust casinos that do not have a license at all, since in cooperation with them the player himself and his finances are not protected by anything. Pay attention to the ratings of casinos – it is better to choose the clubs that occupy their first places.

For residents of Canada, casinos with a Maltese license are most convenient, since many of them make it possible to use direct bank transfers and do not imply tax payments. And one more thing: The  authorities by all possible methods prevent the player from developing addiction and gambling, somewhat limiting his capabilities. In the case of a casino with a foreign license, there are much fewer restrictive measures, and it is the player’s own responsibility to control himself. When choosing an online club, try to study its pros and cons in as much detail as possible, check whether it is really licensed, perhaps read reviews, and as a result choose the best casino without a  license.

I play in a casino that is not Canada. How to find out if he has a Canada license?
If the site has a Canada license, the country logo can be seen at the bottom of the page. This is the easiest way. There are also resources where you can find out all the information about having a Canada  license. Please note that they list companies that already have a license, and not those that just applied for it.
Before the Canada Gambling Act came into force, I won a certain amount in an online casino that does not have a Canada license. Are my winnings taxable?
It is not yet clear how this law affects winnings received earlier. It is best to contact the casino administration and clarify this point.
Is it legal to play in a casino that does not have a Canada license?
Canada citizens have no direct prohibition on playing on casino sites with a different license. But unlicensed casinos themselves are banned in the Canada market. Thus, the player himself does not violate anything.
Will foreign companies try to get Canada gaming licenses?
Yes. Today they are issued about fifty, and in the future this number will increase more.
Why can Canada gambling clubs no longer distribute bonuses?
Controlling structures have decided that bonuses encourage people to play more, and this is the opposite of what they want to achieve with the new laws. They believe that this solution will reduce the number of problem players.